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Our values include social justice, inclusivity, and compassion.


It is our intention to provide care with open arms to ALL people–rich, poor, brown, white, men, women, children, teens, gay, straight, trans, and anyone else who may feel in some way other or marginalized.

All Families Healthcare is a primary care clinic dedicated to providing compassionate, patient-centered healthcare in an environment that is warm and inclusive.  

We believe sexual and reproductive health are integral to human health, and as such are indivisible from primary care.

Our vision is that by providing care that includes the means to choose the number and timing of one’s children, we will improve the wellbeing of individuals and families in our communities.

Located in the Flathead Valley, we serve Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, Eureka, Columbia Falls, Lakeside, Libby, Bigfork, Browning, Babb, Montana and everywhere in between! 




Susan Cahill, PA-C, MSW

Susan Cahill, a Physician Assistant, has provided primary care and abortion services in the Flathead Valley for 40 years. She obtained her Masters of Social Work in 1993 to better address the emotional stresses that can affect a person’s health.

She has been on the Board of Directors for the National Abortion Federation, worked for two years as clinical director and abortion trainer at the University of Rochester Reproductive Health Program, worked for Planned Parenthood, and owed her own primary care clinic for 7 years, until it was destroyed by an anti-abortion extremist in March of 2014.

She was given Lifetime TV’s “Women Changing the World-Risk Taker” award in May 2003, and Clinician’s for Choice “Clinician of the Year” award in 2016.

Susan believes that primary and reproductive healthcare are the most important services a healthcare professional can provide and has always found it an honor to be a trusted partner in the joys and struggles of her patient’s lives.

She enjoys yoga, gardening and singing show tunes, and believes that laughter is the best medicine!


Helen Weems, MSN, RN, APRN

Helen is grateful to be a Nurse Practitioner and for the opportunity to serve others. She came to nursing via environmental science and sociology. As a college student, living with subsistence farmers in Costa Rica, she realized the clearest path to social, environmental and reproductive justice was helping people choose if and when they want to parent. She has been rewarded by that work ever since.  

In her 20 years since graduation from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, she has worked in school based clinics, Healthcare for the Homeless, Planned Parenthood, and family practice. She is the proud founder and director of All Families Healthcare, a small clinic in Whitefish Montana, which fully integrates contraception, abortion, and sexual health into primary care. Helen enjoys good food and playing in the great outdoors with her family and dog.